History : What was the reason that we made this site?

This site was the initiative of three enthousiast collectors, who met each other by coincidence. All three had plans to construct a diorama of a battle from the Napoleonic Era.

Hans had been busy for more than 10 years. He has now a diorama of considerlble size with a huge number of handpainted figures on it, all size 1:72.

Martin met him on a modellingfair in 2001 in Zwolle and had the same ideas, but only ideas.

Sander met Hans at a meeting of The "Tinnen Tafelronde" and was painting Napoleonic figures 1:72 for some time, but also Warhammer figures.

They were also busy making moulds for pouring metal figures. They came to the conclusion, that in The Netherlands there MUST be a lot of people with the same interest simply by the large numbers of shops which sell plastic figures 1:72, and not only to children!!

So the took the initiative to launch this site to make an effort in linking the hidden group of equal-minded collectors. They hope that a group can develop out of it so that this group can support each other through this site.